Sunday, November 17, 2013

Epi Pens Pack a Punch

Just in case anyone is wondering IF Epi-Pens work fast and hard, here's a personal experience.
The pharmacy received about a half dozen outdated pens for destruction, so in keeping with a need to reduce space, your humble typist thought it wise to depackage them before tossing them into the sharps container.
Along the way, one of them went KerPOW and right into my left thumb. 
Quick reactions notwithstanding, a few drops managed to penetrate the epidermal layer.
First of all, the needle didn't handle the experience well, either:
And then there were some changes in the physiological makeup of the left thumb (note- it didn't really look that green):

And then came the bruising, with just the hint of numbness along the top.  Fortunately, it was just a drop, and the effects began to reverse with continuous warm water soaks and jamming the thumb in question into the heat vent of the dashboard on the trip home. 
The next morning, all was well, with just the lingering sensation of having annoyed a bumblebee....