Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ferris State College and Big Rapids, ca 1976

From a crumbling 1/2 reel to reel tape, of a transfer from a 16mm original, glitches, drop outs and all...for the hard core historian of Ferris and Big Rapids in the 1970s.  There may be more than one.  Soundtrack is a randomly generated piece from Sony's Vegas software during the final render.  It runs almost 90 seconds.

The title reads 'college' since Ferris still hadn't evolved to university status in the mid-1970s (I think they were still trying to use up letterhead that read 'Ferris Institute' at that point).

The model pharmacy shown is virtually unchanged since this was filmed.  Which, of course, means it has been virtually unused for almost 40 years.  Egad.  I do not appear in this clip, but I had a pair of bell bottom pants like the ones worn by the 'patient' in the film.  And those are probably in a box somewhere, as this video was.

This was originally filmed to be part of a pharmacy promotion video to run during student orientation at Ferris State College.  It hasn't aired since 1977, probably to the relief of the administration of the pharmacy school.  Only one of the pharmacies shown - Martz and Shapley's - is still in business, but in a different location.   Growing up in Big Rapids, that pharmacy was the primary 'walk through' to the main business district, and it always smelled of witch hazel and guiafenesin.  ... and they had the nastiest tasting trading stamps, too.   The things one remembers.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Bragging up the dog

OK, so it's the animating apothecary site, and I really do try to make things apply to animation or pharmacy...but dawgunnit, this little puppy of mine is so CUTE!!!