Sunday, February 09, 2014

And just to be silly - Everything in Reverse!

Might as well stretch things out further by running everything in reverse as well:

Sindecuse Interstitial #3 - Train Ride

A different collection of stills, from the Gilmore Theatre to the health center, shot over two days when the battery failed.  You will note the change in the sky color about midway.  The banking effect didn't quite come out as planned.  As with the other examples, everything was shot in 0.3meg pixel six for quick import and assembly using Sony Vegas as the editing software.  Four frames per image, with one frame overlapping the previous image. 

The ending after the flagpole was accelerated further with Vegas effects following the render to mp4 format.

Here goes!

Sindecuse Interstitial #2 - Cartoony Sound Effects

The same footage as the previous posting, with different sound effects:

Interstitial Stop Motion Pieces - Sindecuse Pharmacy at WMU

Last June, there were days that actually resembled lunch breaks at the pharmacy, and about 600 photographs cluttered the SD drive in no time.  Finally, when nobody was looking, the assembly was possible.  And that allowed for several variations, mainly based on changes in pacing and soundtracks.  Here goes...

Number One: SciFi type SFX