Active Animator, Accomplished Agitator, and Retired Pharmacist

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Media and pharmacy relief consultant (1993-2019) 
The "Uncle Stan Calendars" (1984-2011) - Examples from a 2010 Installation
Producer of animated, historical and educational films (see Filmography)
Coordinator for pharmacy and drug education services (see the Linked In file above for more zzzzzz) 
Holistic and herbal approach to patient care and education (as a nudge, not a cure)
Educator in animation programs, general sciences, health care, and pharmacology

Before my present, extremely fulfilling, role as ASIFA Central Secretary

Western Michigan University - Sindecuse Health Center
(Director, Pharmacy Services) Coordinated and consolidated pharmacy activities for Western Michigan University at their Sindecuse Health Center, significantly reducing expenses and inventory in the process.  As an example of the challenges when working in a educational hierarchy, when things came in on or under budget, the response was usually, "What are you up to?"  Everything else followed the adage, "It's easier to apologize than get permission."  Did meet many wonderful professors, however, and even participated in a magic show with some VPs who were thinking, "This may be the only way we can make him vanish!"  Had the opportunity to teach pharmacology in the Integrative Medicine program, to RN and PA candidates, but the lymphatic system couldn't tolerate the complete lack of sunlight.  
In the pre-CoVid days, it was a struggle to convince the Powers to keep things open.  When CoVid hit, the entire university went dark and empty, except for one little window near the center of campus - the pharmacy.  Imagine that. 
Battle Creek Adventist Hospital
(Director, Pharmacy Services) Brought in to consolidate pharmacy services between the Battle Creek Adventist Hospital and the Battle Creek Health System (now Bronson/Battle Creek). Reconstructed incomplete CQI, ADR, and drug information programs to meet Joint Commission requirements.  Learned a lot of vegetarian mock chicken recipes. Now a parking lot. 
Battle Creek Health Systems/Leila Hospital
 Leila Hospital in the 1940s - video link
(Assistant Director and Acting Director)  Responsible for personnel management (yadda yadda yadda), assuring regulatory and legal site compliance of 19 employees at Leila site pharmacy; development of policies and procedures and budget preparations while performing same duties as staff pharmacist (detailed below); quality assurance director, co-ordinator for drug utilization review and evaluation. Served as acting director February-June, 1990. Installed an AS400, midrange sized (holy Cobol, Batman!), centrally based pharmacy computer system, consolidating both Leila and Community pharmacy sites (after that, decided it was time to get a life). Now a parking lot.
(Before that, A Staff Pharmacist/Educator) Staff pharmacist duties included unit-dose dispensing, preparation of IV admixtures, chemotherapeutic, and investigational agents, information services, inventory control, and supervision of six pharmacy technicians and one graduate pharmacy intern. Responsible for quarterly drug utilization/review projects and monthly audits of intensive care unit charting. Initiated aminoglycoside monitoring and developed a PC-based computer program (in DOS! Not even Visual DOS!) to reduce the use of slide-rules. Served as editor-in-chief of Therapeutic Update, published bi-monthly and distributed to 200 pharmacies nationwide, contributing over forty articles or drawings since its inception. Instructed pharmacology for the hospital's critical care nursing program and for the school of dental hygiene at Kellogg Community College (which evolved into a 30 year gig). Didn't date much. Now a really big parking lot.  I see a disturbing trend.

Antiquity (even before THAT stuff above):

Lakeview General Osteopathic Hospital, Battle Creek, Michigan
Staff pharmacist, involved in reducing on-hand inventory by 50%, developed diabetic team teaching program for inpatients, developed the city hospital Drug and Therapeutic Update newsletter, the first cooperative effort among the (then) four hospitals in Battle Creek (now one, and that one is controlled by a hospital in Kalamazoo - for now).  Lakeview General became a nursing home, and is now a field. Unoccupied. Not even a parking lot.  Bring your soccer ball.

Cunningham's Drugs, Detroit, Michigan
Performed first, second, and third shift pharmacy duties in the immediate and surrounding areas of Detroit. Gave serious consideration to a career in plumbing.  Cunningham's became Apex, was bought out by Perry's, which are all gone, bye-bye.  It was a time where pharmacy was fitfully evolving into greater clinical involvement, but the real heroes (according to The Corporate Powers That Be) were  those who could bang out 250 prescriptions on a manual typewriter in a 14 hour shift, while covering a liquor counter 15 minutes from a GM assembly plant.  Priorities.


Ferris State College, Big Rapids, Michigan, B.S. Pharmacy, High Distinction, and because they were so nice about the enrollment process, an MCTE (Masters in Career and Technical Education program, with focus on Curriculum Development), Highest Distinction (I think that meant my check cleared), at which point Ferris State had become a University (yep, tuition went up then, too)

ASIFA: International and US Central Chapters. Member of both 1984 - present;  Secretary and yr hmbl typst, ASIFA Central: 2018 - present;  ASIFA Central Website (visit it early and often) -

A VERY incomplete list of Lectures and Programs over the years:

"A Feast of Pharmacology" -- 6 hour seminars on pharmacology topics, including new drugs, alternative therapies, and drug mechanisms of action.  Sometimes we conducted the whole affair on a chartered bus to Chicago, and I chatted on the way down and on the way back.

A Partial Miscellany (actually, this is the fun stuff, but we'll call it Miscellany, just because Miscellany is such a grown-up sounding word)

INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION DAY PROGRAMS - An Annual October event in EDMORE Michigan!  EDMORE, I tell you, EDMORE - where we buried Winsor McCay's parents and they're GONNA STAY BURIED! Generally the last weekend in October in the Curtis Center, just south of the Michigan Autobahn we like to call M-46.  It's still FREE, and there are convenient bathrooms just in case things get too exciting for the bladders of mere mortals (animators and pharmacists - two careers requiring gigantic bladders).

Adjunct instructor, Kellogg Community College, "Pharmacology for Dental Hygienists," "Pharmacology for Emergency Medical Technologists," (1990-1992) and NURS247 and 248, "Pharmacology for Nursing"  

Adjunct instructor, Kellogg Community College, "Human Physiology," “Anatomy”, “Introductory Chemistry” and three semesters in animation theory and technique:  "Animation Techniques in 2D and 3D" (courses designed for an associate's art program with an animation emphasis) 

Adjunct Instructor, Kalamazoo Valley College, “History of Animation and Gaming” – also Introduction to After Effects, 3DS, and Business for Animators - A link here to a class project, with a Griffith film deconstruction to show early production/filming/editing techniques:  "A Girl and Her Trust" (1912)  The blog also has the results of a class project on editing techniques, using the 1932 Buster Keaton comedy, "Speak Easily."

Recipient of Excellence in Education award from Kellogg Community College

Recipient, Calhoun County Substance Abuse Council community service award, for public speaking on substance abuse and assistance in coordinating drug take-back days for Calhoun County, an annual event that last brought in over 800 pounds of unused and outdated medication

ANIMATION! Three day workshop on animation techniques (traditional cel techniques, clay animation, pixillation) conducted at the Art Center in Midland 

Gerald Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan: "Charles Chaplin: The Politics of The Great Dictator

GET ANIMATED! Retrospective of film work for the Calhoun County Arts Council; contributed historical background on Winsor McCay and other innovators in animated film .  Included were works by other Michigan animators Deanna Morse, Adwoa Muswea, and (gee!) me!

Herbal lectures "Helpful but not Harmless" - they're often a good nudge, but never a substitute for things like vaccines

Animate This! presentation on public domain music and synchronizing sound-to-image for the ASIFA Central annual retreats

"Cross-Influences in Experimental German Animation of the Silent Era," ASIFA Central presentation

"It Didn't Begin with Disney" - overview of animation influences as the genre developed its own art form and language prior to 1928, Ann Arbor Public Library

"Comedy Tonight," "Frank J. Kellogg presents the Sounds of Noise," and "The Historic Parking Lots of Battle Creek," multi-media presentations for the Historical Society of Battle Creek

"It Isn't Your Grandparents' Medicine Chest" - for Focus Corporate Education and Training, Shanty Creek Resorts, Bellaire, Michigan

Art Installation, Multimedia at the Arcus Gallery, Kalamazoo, Video from 2010


"Pharmacist Attitudes Toward Technician Education and Certification," Journal Michigan Pharmacist

Board of Advisors, Pharmacy Times; contributions include
"These Pharmacy Times" a 4-page illustrated history of the first 100 years of Pharmacy Times magazine
"Allergies and Allergic Rhinitis: The Pharmacist's Role" 
"Case Studies" Pharmacy Times, contributing editor 
"New Generics" Generic Product Review, column contributions
"Oral Hypoglycemics" Pharmacy Times 

"One Dollar Miracles of Battle Creek," Journal Michigan Pharmacist (January 1994) and Heritage Battle Creek (Spring 1994)

"The Kellogg Who Would Be King," Heritage Battle Creek (Winter 1996) - copy of this in on another page in the side menu
"Helpful but not Harmless," one of several guest columns, Battle Creek Enquirer 

Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist, a textbook for student use, created as a searchable pdf and provided at no cost to KCC students, updated more than occasionally, with a rewrite on this very long to-do list posted above the desk.

PERSONAL:   Wouldn't you like to know!  OK, I am married, with a dog and a cat.  I like cartoons, chasing kites and walking the dog.  Sometimes I chase the dog while walking the kite.  I should make a cartoon about that some day... if you must be nosier than that, email me.  I strive toward opacity in all emails.

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