Sunday, January 28, 2018

Where Profit Can Be Made - A Drug Concern Will Be Presented!

Drug take-back days are intended not just to rid quick, inappropriate access to prescription medications, but to have them destroyed in a manner that won't have the drugs appear in our drinking water (if it seeps, it creeps).  However, even taking acetaminophen properly creates left-overs in our body that it excretes every time we visit our favorite Facebook lounge.

This is the first commercial reference I've seen approaching this challenge, with a $39.95 price tag (and an offer for a subscription for automatic shipping on a regular basis), for those with a refrigerator-based water spigot.

At least it also gives a shout-out to our departing Michigan governor with its "lead and other contaminants," something he didn't mention in his final State of the State this past week.