Monday, October 22, 2012

2016 - Romney's America

OK, so the "documentary" 2016 Obama's America has been polluting the popcorn at the local cineplexi... wonder what a timeline for a Romney version could look like:

            RoveCorp becomes primary consultant to the Romney Administration
            Oil pipeline break in South Dakota pollutes area aquafers and compromises agriculture in the region for three generations
            Conflicts on the Mexican border prompts a "Shoot on Sight" order for illegal immigrants, now labeled "suspected terrorists"
            Office on Mormon Studies opened, designed to retroactively register deceased Americans as members of the Mormon Church
            Abortion outlawed in US by executive order
            Affordable Health Care Act provisions rescinded before many even can take place - millions of citizens under the age of 25 lose coverage on parents' policies; doughnut hole widens on seniors using the Part D program; pre-existing condition restrictions re-emerge
            No replacement program offered by the Republican Party - discussions referred to committee for more discussion
            Education Reform Act under Education Secretary Newt Gingrich institutes a student janitorial work program with lockdown evening dormatories.
            Cantor-Ryan Budget bill passes, privatizing Social Security and making Medicare a voucher program

            All three branches of government fall under the control of the Republican Party, with the party being renamed The American Party
            Patriot Sedition Act passed, Joe Biden held under house arrest
            Florida penninsula water table rises, causing sewer backup in Limbaugh compound
            War on Iran declared after UN loses its neutral diplomatic status and Iranian diplomats arrested
            Gulf pipeline attempted with second disastrous leak created, the entire Gulf coast a fire hazard
            Pay Equality Act allows for women to earn 75% of a man in a similar job, but allows for a 25% tax break on married female incomes over 200K per year
            Natural Resource Conservation Act places an added tax on private users of wind, water or solar energy
            American Citizenship Act passed - Office of Homeland Security is authorized to revoke citizenship of native-born or naturalized citizens who demonstrate "unpatriotic activity," as in protesting the actions of the US government
            Airlines consolidated and nationalized - and then sold as a single monopoly to Chinese interests
            Broadcast Consolidation Act - makes all networks subsidiaries of FOX news; internet access becomes restricted to Homeland Security-approved and monitored ISPs
            Postal Service suspended; UPS and FedEx are nationalized
            First Food Riots
            Admission charged in larger cities to enter grocery stores, with vouchers used at checkout
            Food used as a military recruiting tool
            No replacement program for affordable healthcare act presented for voting - The American Party continues to defer discussions to committees
            Payroll deductions mandatory to support The American Party
            Fires in Detroit, Tampa, and New Orleans from a combination of oil spills and dismantled infrastructure decimate city size and population
            Patriot Dollars replace Federal Reserve Notes at 50 cents on the old dollar.  Ownership of gold and silver expressly forbidden by citizens.
            Gas prices break the $20/gallon barrier
            Oral Contraception outlawed
            Condom sales require a prescription by American Party approved physicians
            Security concerns prompt the Romney administration to move White House functions to a tunnelled compound in Utah
            War declared on Canada over ownership of Yukon territory; Sarah Palin declares herself unelected provisional governor of the region before armed conflict begins.  Most soldiers sent to the Canadian front keep marching inland and defect once they reach Vancouver.
            No replacement program for affordable healthcare act presented for voting - The American Party continues to defer discussions to committees
            Privatized social security and Medicare programs go bankrupt following re-emergence of corrupt practices on unregulated Wall Street.  Most Americans do not hear about the actual cause, only those with illegal reception to BBC broadcasts.  FOX news reports the loss due to "cyber terrorists."
            Elections suspended as War of Armageddon declared
            No replacement program for affordable healthcare act presented for voting - The American Party continues to defer discussions to committees

Sounds like a good 'trailer' can come from this... maybe some animation... some interesting juxtaposition of irrelevant stock footage... could be fun!