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This is where I go to lose myself for hours on end. Come get lost with me!

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ASIFA and Animation - Lots of text, but it's all about animation.... or zucchini bread 

The Animation World Network hunt for jobs, hook up with (er, connect with) other animators, and lookit the pictures!  Dan Carto has the BEST Hawaiian shirts!

The Animated Cartoon Factory -- career and Canadian animator Brian LeMay has put out a series of amazing "how to" books on animation, layout, and storyboarding. His website is very LIVELY, and his learning guides are insanely thorough. 

Sharon Katz - a wonderful resident of Canada, a brilliant artist, an installation imagineer, and - did I mention she's from Canada!?  Visit early and often!!!!

ASIFA Central Website - The group has been going strong since 1974 - EGAD, 50 YEARS!!! So this is their website, yr hmbl typst is the secretary, and here is where you go for news, newsletter archives, IAD information, and membership information!  Wanna be a member?  Wanna be a member?

Inkwell Images -- Ray Pointer is a man of passions about the Fleischer studios and has taken it upon himself to share the treasures of his archives. The FIRST SOUND CARTOON did NOT have Mickey Mouse (if copyright even allows me to write the MM word) and here's proof.  ALSO here are sources for the first sound films of Lee DeForest, Mutt and Jeff, and other DVDs you cannot live without.  His recent historic overview of the patents of Max Fleischer is a must have.  Buy two copies and you'll learn twice as much!

Sally Cruikshank's Etsy Site - She animated the opening credits to Desperate People and Mannequin, in addition to providing a substantial boost to the 1980's film version of The Twilight Zone.  Sally has been making animation since the 1970s, the hand-drawn 2D type, with a wonderful bouncy style reminiscent of the best of 1930s cartoons.  Quasi at the Quackedero made it to Jerry's Beck's "Best Fifty" of all time list.  Her Etsy site takes you to her merchandise, much of which are original autographed cels and frequently customized backgrounds, along with a compilation DVD (yes, we boomers like our tangible media).  

Nina Paley's Site -- a cartoonist for many years and now an animator with her amazing Fetch, her handmade feature Sita Sings the Blues, and copyright-free mission!  Now she's animating the Book of Revelation, and it's as whack-a-doodle as you might imagine.  She needs to hear from you!

The Center for Visual Music (CVM) , a source for the amazing work of pioneer abstractionist Oskar Fischinger.  Say Hi to Cindy!

Animating Apothecary - on Vimeo! - here is where the Animating Apothecary tosses its animation, early films, ongoing experiments, and a few things available by invitation only - woo - NEVER THROW ANY DRAWING OUT!  MAKE A VIMEO INSTEAD!!!!

Random Acts of Fun
FunnyTimes -- the best collection of the best collection of the best collection of the best of humor!

Pharmacy and Related Stuff and Things
SRS -- "Scientific Retail Systems"  - The ONLY Pharmacy Computer System you'll EVER need!  

Medscape --the best medical newsletter and information source--sign up and learn stuff! FREE FREE FREE! (I likes free!) 

Pharmacy Times -- "back in the day," these guys actually PRINTED stuff I wrote!

Ancient Audio and Video  - a great source for historical audio, recording history, and neat illustrations. Glenn Sage ROCKS - popular music on CDs from 1888, with lots of additional resources and further distractions.  

TV on 78s -- the world of MECHANICAL TELEVISION from the 1920s-1930s! This site is too incredible.

Battle Creek
Willard Library -- find pages of historic images of Battle Creek (where boxtops were invented and cereal used to be made!)

Friends and Other Assorted Ne'er-do-wells
The Sherwood Page of Too-Much-Fun John Sherwood, sci-fi impresario, recreator of Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens, newspaperman par excellence, has a lot of great stuff on his site.  

Bri Yarhouse -- a Master Animator from Grand Rapids, Michigan ... amazing work from an amazing educator 

Joe Cartoon -- home of the Frog in a Blender animation and other NSFW material 

The Library of Congress - yeah, that library!  Just click and click and then click some more.  Download whatever you can!  Lose it on an unmarked thumbdrive, and then download it again!  

The Internet Archive - and if you still have time, loads of it, go to where the internet is backed up daily, to the chagrin and delight of copyright lawyers everywhere.  My audio collection is ever so slowly (too slowly!) being uploaded to their site.

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