Thursday, December 15, 2011

Playing with Online Translators - Hamlet

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Or, or him or that problem is not as follows:
If or of nobleness; Or as for that arm you take EmbĂȘtements
and of the sea where those to the guide
and the arrow of indignant good fortune suffer.
The mind for as for those un' you finish. Opposition?
Scale to more there is no death; As for that you sleep?
And as for the sleep which was said you finish -- traurigkeit;
Systematic love and as for trembling mile this meat, there is a successor:
As for tis that it becomes consumption– It is desired;
Enthusiasm. Do they die sleep? Perhaps, depending upon that to sleep,
ay and there' you look at dreams capacity for Friction:
Of which dream can come; For with this sleep of other those death quest
As for last that necessity, those you dying, this it is;
As for that It gives Discontinuance there The point of this in this way,
destroys long life. That rod and What which it supports; When being, of the mistake;
oppressor's man it entrusted? In damage;
What; Love, law and Lag; Haughty attitude Using;
Value of this patient dishonorable acceptance of office and pitch,
time quest As for last that bodkin of the knot and fargli which can be rescue?
Fardels of what kind of underfear something
How and you made knurren life become tired under the sweat;
As for part rear section will of return and perplexity of death
and national thing Bourn traveler on the other hand,
these It is discovered; n' Those of that hasten no one;
The exemption which it should support;
As for us thing It has; It flies those; The knowledge other things which are not?
Therefore, conscience Our ones in this way entirely in pitch characteristic,
the making which is removed; Decision East sicklied?
Appreciation of the hay to the model whose thought is thin
those from large time undertaking,
at this point in time to turn electricity
directly, and It loses Name; Behavior.

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