Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rush Job Redux (1998-2012)

Looking back at this DOS-generated animation piece, with its FLC files and 640 x 480 pixel size, it could only be rendered out by a genlock and VHS interface, with a wild synch attempted with running and recording a 1917 78rpm recording for the soundtrack.
So with the individual GIFS or JPGs that were culled from the original file, it was all re-rendered in complete digital format, into Sony Vegas, re-rendered, then re-introduced into the software with a tweak to shape, a feather to the outline, and a new framing device, namely, an old television. 
Here is the result.
Originally the project took just under 6 weeks of after hours experimentation and hurled abuse.  This time it took 90 minutes to reassemble the images and work out the special effects.  The longest time was in the render, as is usually the case in these projects.

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