Friday, December 22, 2017

Time to Engage and Engorge

The Middleton Christmas Feast Fest of 2017

All family members remaining at the table at 3pm will be given instructions on chopping maple logs as an exothermic activity

The Left-overs-to-be include

Cornish Hens, with teeny weeny amounts of stuffing, or not

Roasted potatoes, prepared on a century old appliance, sometimes stirred by a century old pharmacist

Green Bean Casserole, imported from the furniture city for the occasion

Yams, shaken, not stirred

Madge’s Pea Salad, featuring a Velveeta infusion sauce

Whole Wheat and Multigrain bread and rolls, to expedite physiological processes, with optional butter from contented cows

Cranberry sauce, uncannily unfettered

Deviled eggs, beaten to holy submission

 - Random snacks, crudites (and I do mean crudites), and nut-based fillers -

Orange Pineapple Dessert, by popular request

Pumpkin-based edibles, of heretofore unsurpassed quality

All handily hand made by hand-washed hands. 

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