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ASIFA Central January 2018 Meeting Notes - for retention and later edit

How my mind wanders as secretary for the group...

ASIFA Board Agenda January 2 2018 - teleconference

Welcome - we are beeping in!  

Theme for tonight: Just what is a User Name?  An April 20 film festival (Kinematifest @ Webster University) in the making….with great programming.  

We wait for Gary, and Gary is now here! Metro PCS is a big challenge! and Bob is ill. And then, STEVE.  Deanna cannot pump her own gas.  Dragonframe is being wantonly INSTALLED.  The pdf user manual makes nice, light reading. A page turner.  Lots of intuitive features.  We love adjusting the F-stops.    Jim is still using Autodesk Animator Pro, for DOS 6.  

8:10 and we’re GETTING IT ON THE ROAD!  
(It’s 2018, or MMXVIII)
  1. Minutes - see protracted typing from 5 December
  2. Updates - with the 10K+ festivals, we should vouch for those festivals we are comfortable with (see Deanna’s email of 9 December 2017, a “Board Meeting Festival Notes, a LONG email).  If anyone wants to become involved in judging, Deanna can push the names forward.  Brad and Julie are interested.  Potential for free passes, lots of press, and some travel support.  Local festivals (St. Louis, Chicago’s Children’s Festival) should be explored.  High Falls Film Festival from Rochester NY -- only films by women.      Chris: Listing on the website, with reminders of upcoming festivals - or if folks have questions about festivals, what would we recommend?  It is important to attend a festival and see whether the theme or content match the sort of film you are creating.  This is from a series of queries about festivals… may be a way to increase ASIFA interest (Julie).  Helpful to provide input on the festivals and then answer specific questions.  OR BETTER YET - find some online links that are useful to direct questions on festivals.  There are specific challenges to serving as judge.  Deanna can put together ASIFA sanctioned festival information.
  3. Future Initiatives

2. Updates

  1. Deanna: Festivals (notes above)
  2. Julie: Website development - design questions?  Consider the number of pages and the usability of the interface - keeping the links up to date.  Log In challenge has been met and CONQUERED.  Build a new basic design and then update the pages as we go along (organic approach) - keep the “How to Join” page up and then build from there.  WordPress allows flexibility.  Take the steer by the horns, put the nose to the grindstone, and take the best step forward.  Then give it a shot.  It’s rational. Chuck has a 300dpi GIF for the ASIFA logo.   Brad has a vector, victor.  PNG and TIFF varieties are on hard drives all over the midwest.  ASIFA Int’l logo is available as well - Julie will be inundated with graphic content.  Board of Directors and How To Join have been updated pages, by Chuck.  Brad is working on Open Mike page challenges from 2017.   Deanna - who we are?  Who are the people behind this volunteer organization.  Chuck suggested, and Brad liked a 1 paragraph idea...a photo.. A youtube viral video that we can then integrate with other bits of the pages.  An opportunity to celebrate our diversity and love of animation.  Gary suggests a review of ASIFA East and Hollywood for formatting ideas. WordPress will be stretched to its limits.  ASIFA East. com - do they use WordPress - is there a template there?   Julie will like some contributed graphics.  ASIFA Central was the first chapter to have a website, Deanna reminds us.  Chuck uses Blogger, but doesn’t recommend them - there are several challenges in uploading (ie very low resolution video file uploads; Jim agrees with Chuck on that…)
  3. Chuck: OIAF Best of Fest 17, International Women’s Day (in March 2018, weekend of the 31st) initiative - Chuck has been interviewing women animators for his blog - Nina Paley is in Illinois - could we bring her in - and she is finishing up her latest feature and may like another set of eyes on the work in near-completion - this would coordinate with Chuck’s blog work - a woman animator focused event - could we record her presentation to share with other members  - Not so much a retreat as a “visiting artist” series… consider funding for honorarium (split among universities?) There are many facets of her career that could be relevant for presentation - her production methods, her copyright crusade, her quilting, her methods of fundraising…  Re: other festival material -  academic showings can be coordinated at no cost.  January 17 was considered as an option for the showtimes.  ASIFA SF showcase will be shown instead (material has been provided and approved for showing for that date in GR - Brad). Ottawa material can be shown at a later venue for the sake of scheduling.   
  4. Who’s having a birthday? Happy birthday Sir Charles!  Nina Paley’s birthday is May 3. Who prefers waffles to flapjacks?

3. Future Initiatives

  • Animators Open Mike  - brag this up to the students and other animators!  Schools are opening next week.  PSA on GRTV twice a day… can the PSA be shared with the website?  January 17th at 7pm - Deanna - is this more of an “animator salon”?  “Animation Slam”?
    • What are the goals of these?  Create a community (Gary); SKYPE input (Deanna) - St Louis can be brought in… we’ve done this in the little theatre (Gretchen) - it’s a great way to develop a regular programming
    • Student work? College Reels? Instructional discoveries? The fire within Dragonframe?  An opportunity to share the discoveries among other sites in the ASIFA Central region.
    • How often? (Detroit Film Theatre has a regular film gathering on Sundays)
    • Rotating locations? Shared material among locations? (ie, Detroit)
    • Roadtrip - Gary mentioned lists of events - send to Chris for FB update (for example, Jan 19, Friday, Groumann Museum in Milwaukee with J J Sedelmeier presenting)
  • Summer Retreat
    • Rotating host/location? - the group is open to that…. St Louis, even!  This summer, however, the St Louis building is undergoing renovation for 2018 - maybe 2019?  Good will funding?
    • Date - should be more for the memberships vs student-centered - see what the members are up to...peer to peer .. Brad will put together some dates and poll the ASIFA board
  • Ongoing Workshops - Gretchen is looking for a rotating host site for animation slamming (further discussion later- quarterly events?) - moving things around - share ideas with available locations
    • Where?
    • For whom?
    • How often?
  • Planning IAD 2018 (defer) - no new info
    • New format ideas?  It will come sooner than expected - discussions should begin soon for an Exciting Thrilling YEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Detroit (Gary’s report)                     
                      How the largest city in Michigan is part of ASIFA Central. Detroit is profoundly different than it was 14 years ago when Gary moved there from LA.  ASIFA should consider Detroit for venues.  Gary will offer his place… Detroit Film Theatre - schools within walking distance, with Windsor just over the Ambassador Bridge … a method to increase membership on … consider an “animator salon” in Detroit and then invite the outstate membership…. Can there be a Meet and Greet hosted by Gary and his connections?  Gary suggested under the banner of ASIFA.   Detroit festival coming up in April 2018 - about ½ mile from DIA.  Dlectricity in 3rd weekend in September (unfortunately, simultaneously with the OIAF) - light installations in blocked-off portions of the city along Woodward avenue in the cultural district.  Timing with an ASIFA Central meeting?  Sounds like a great possibility. Gary wants to put Detroit on the map with ASIFA Central.
  • Promotion
How can we best document and promote our activities?  
  • Screening Event
Ottawa International Animation Festival: Best of the Fest 2017 program is available -- have been contacted by OIAF asking if we’d like to screen.  

We are all getting very, very sleepy.  Except for Deanna.  She’s getting excited about dentistry.
Happy zzzzzzzz year!
Can a living document be created to work on when we’re all off-line - the consensus is that the monthly meetings are a welcome event… February will bring another gathering of the group!
FEB 3 - the 45th ANNIE awards
Sita with The very healthy Nina Paley                              J J Sedelmeier  (2D rendering)

6. To Do List
Chuck is going to contact OIAF about screening their Best of the Fest program in January.
Chuck is going to contact Nina Paley about prices and availability for a talk.

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