Monday, April 13, 2020

About the Smithfield Meat Plant Closure - an observation

Regarding the Smithfield meat and CoVid issue --  I am intrigued at the WH Group (formerly the Shuanghui Group) and its base in Hong Kong, along with its January 31 affiliation with PR firm  MWWPR agency.

The MWWPR website promotes this interesting aspect of their public relations: "Issues and Crisis Management" - with the following description that seems too prescient for coincidence

"When the stakes are highest, we’re at our best. It is more important than ever to be prepared with the tools and resources to manage the situation quickly and effectively to limit any potential damage to your brand and your reputation. And in this crisis-driven marketplace, there is no substitute for our experience, our pace and our integrated multi-stakeholder strategies. On call 24/7, senior crisis experts combine streamlined crisis planning, our proprietary Crisis Action Protocol (CAP), and advanced data and technology with critical media contacts, third-party advocates and other vital stakeholders."

Note the "third-party advocates"  - or,  "They are possibly the key people who could leap to the defence of the project or company." (Managing a Crisis, authors Tom Curtin,Daniel Hayman,Naomi Husein)

The CoVid reports from Smithfield began last week.  The plant closure came over the weekend.  The PR firm was engaged January 31 of this year, by the WH Group centered in Hong Kong.  On January 25 (6 days before), the Hong Kong government declared the viral outbreak as an "emergency." (Wikipedia)

Aluminum hat time - did the WH Group see this coming two months ago?  Or at least, did they take it seriously enough to enlist a PR group with connections to "third-party advocates?"

In any case, it's a 4-5% hit to our meat supply and perhaps a good time to adjust to the flavor of Protose, Wham, and Tuno.

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