Friday, July 09, 2021

Fishy for Freitag - updated to July 26

Haiku! Haiku! Gesundheit! 

When a koi is coy
Secreted stranding seaweed
Conceals cautious koi

Splitting water, running hares

Not icky, but not sticky
Investigate carp

Fish founder, flounder
Worms, flies, baited hooks and lines
Sticks, scales, but no whales

Blurb, bubble, blubble
Kissed in brine, aloof, resigned
Friday night feasted

Four crystalline walls
Inhaling air wet with life
Finely floating fins

Dovetailed carpentry
Corporeality bound
Minds beyond, expand.

Eat our consumption
Spicèd, spikèd, balls of red
Hello, my vaccine.

Chronometers tick
Communicate the passage
Time enough for tock.

A catapult purrs
Spring paws to pausing spring
Tails tickled, top tales.

Where are my watches?
Bells sound, but no appointment
(Naps nicely) needed.

Inside holding breath
Puckered, tuckered epiderm
Shaking fears of fear

Thankful for tankful
Superficial aquatic depth
Neighbors wave silence

Food and light above
Things larger than they appear
Breathing my own sweat

babbling (c) 2021 Jim Middleton, The Animating Apothecary - use with permission so I can tell if anyone other than Russian bots are reading this nonsense!

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