Tuesday, January 11, 2022

2022 - Bring On the Mayhem! Or Aprilhem! Or Ahem!

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January 11, 2022 already...

We're all hoping for a better 2022 - get vaccinated, make smart decisions, and stop tilting at windmills (or wind turbines, as is the case locally).  These are your good old days at this point, and well, couldn't we do a little better?

As an aside, the old animatingapothecary.com site has been decommissioned - it was in a clunky html format that isn't always to every browser's liking, and the update process (admittedly, the last attempt was 2014) was fairly convoluted, albeit certainly secure.  If you really miss my early 21st century attempt at going digital, it's still clogging up valuable real estate on the cloud managed by archive.org, a phenomenal site, one deserving praise and support, which has the entire internet backed up.  Archive.org is an easier way to get lost for hours of browsing, even moreso than my other favorite distraction, libraryofcongress.gov.  

As a result, the commercial end of The Animating Apothecary has suspended its operations - this is the "official notification" - although it has been primarily a service of education and consultation to pharmacies for much of the past decade.   I know more about the MAPS program than anyone should.

I will continue developing print-on-demand projects (lulu press seems to have "lost" my earlier files, so another service is being sought) and keep film projects and animation announced here or on vimeo.com (as in ASIFA Central group projects, https://vimeo.com/279548703 , or https://vimeo.com/638493757 ) through several uploaded files being updated and "restored" after 20 plus years (a sobering thought to consider that, by the time Walt Disney was my age, he'd been dead almost two years).

I still do Facebook postings, with increasingly less enthusiasm for that platform as it becomes its own trope, Twitter on occasion, and even shove occasional material on Instagram.  More often, it seems I have more interesting things to do.  Like sending postcards.  

Thanks for checking in.  I'm approaching 500 posts here, so perhaps you'll find something of interest!  "I take requests." 


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