Thursday, March 09, 2023

Post #534 - Mixing Media from 1975 - "20 Organic Hits" gets a make-over

This is a commercial spoof I wrote to begin an organic chemistry lab instruction tape.  That tape now exists only as a decomposing fourth-generation dupe.  I salvaged the sound and trimmed out specific commercial and instructor references (the classic text "Morrison and Boyd" figured prominently) and then reconstructed the visuals.  

Again, I used my 10-year outmoded Flash CS5 because, well, because I actually own that software and don't have to pay a monthly Adobe tribute, nor do I need the internet in order to make a film.  I am such a luddite.  But it's sooooooooo much easier than doing the graphics and overlays "live" during the days of linear-only video edits!

It's almost 50 seconds!  Commercials were so much longer in the 70's!  The puns were considered groaners even then...

 This "restoration" is (c) 2023, MMCCIII, by Jim Middleton, The Animating Apothecary

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