Sunday, September 10, 2023

Post 604 - Bio and Director's "Statement"

With OIAF and "Buster Keaton: Home"'s animation in the can, it's time for that festival circuit and the usual questions:

Animation Bio
From a time before AP art, when creativity was a ceramic ashtray, Jim taught himself animation at 14, learned a trade by 22, and has been integrating science, history, and animation in his work for most of his life.  Once he was comfortable enough to share his knowledge, he began a parallel career as an educator, creating and enhancing programs in animation and the sciences.  Now retired from jobs, he can focus on his work, living in the childhood backyards of Winsor McCay.  He finds true delight with his involvement with ASIFA, serving as secretary for the ASIFA Central chapter in Michigan.

Director's Statement
Find the story within and express it in a universal truth.  Raise as many questions as you answer.  As you ascend a staircase, with each stumble you gain wisdom.  Keep your coffee warm and your cookies within arm's reach.  Create pithy platitudes.  If you cannot be interesting, have your life serve as a lesson to others.

I should really take these things more seriously.  But, then, I have to read them, too.

ca 2008 - I had hair to comb?!

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