Friday, October 27, 2023

Post 618 - Playing Telephone


Let me hold your hand, dear friend, and view the world through beauty's eyes.
Let me holden, gasped dear friend, and brew the whirled through two teased eyes
Lend me Holden, gasped the hand, and brew a world of teasing thighs
Landon, Holden gasped to stand, and broodish worlds of tea sing thighs
Landon, stand and hold the brute with wordy worldly tea-stained ties
Landon stood embracing brutes and disdained tea from those on high
Landon stood, embracing brutes and disdained tea from me, oh my
Land of snood, embrace, and sing dis tainted tea or dat t'aint me
Land of snoo, them braces sing, with tea too tainted me to bring
Land of snow, the bracings grow, but tainted tea will bring me low
(here the coffee wore off) 

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