Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Post 646 - Homer and Its Pioneers - A Reprint from 1888 - Now on Amazon

This was an exercise in process, not profit, and a sincere desire to make otherwise unseen history again visible.  A physician in the small town of Homer, Michigan, with a side hustle as editor of the Homer Index weekly paper, took it upon himself to interview his patients and fellow residents in 1888 and assemble the tales into a book.  I found the unbound signature sheets at a used book store in Battle Creek several years ago and scanned the 139 pages (some were blank by intention), incredibly intact after 136 years.  

I thought they should be preserved, shared, and made available for those in the area, but also as a glimpse at first-person accounts of interactions among early Michigan settlers and the native populations they encountered.  

I have recently found other versions of the book online, with Amazon having an "out of print" status for a $18.95 copy.  

I made this version $8 - not to compete, but to increase its general availability.

Homer and Its Pioneers - Amazon 

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