Sunday, June 23, 2024

Post 680 - More old boxes, more old sketches, more abandoned sequences - from 1973

I remember starting this, getting frustrated at the attempted drawn "dissolves" and even more disappointed in the effect of the chemical tint I was attempting on the Super 8mm master footage.  So I cut it, but stuffed the 70 drawings into an envelope, into a box, into another box, at the bottom of yet another box.  So I tried it again.  A registration nightmare (couldn't afford a paper punch at the time), somewhat corrected by Photoshop today.  For "Good Garbage" in 1973, which used Tri-X stock because Ektachrome was sooo pricey.  Ah those days of saving for college.  About 10 seconds, silent (I only added the sound stripe after editing, another logistical nightmare - the soundstriping didn't like my splicing tape, so every cut had to be redone after that).  Impossible things before breakfast ...

How do we get such dry skin when it's so HUMID!?!?

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