Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Gertrude Lawrence - She's a STAR!

A couple of tunes sung by Gertrude Lawrence, recorded for Victor during the run of "Oh Kay!" in 1926.  She originated the role for the Gershwin musical, and Do Do Do was the "A" side of the release.  Oddly, Someone to Watch Over Me was the "B" side.  
She does have a bit of fun with Do Do Do, as most everyone should.
Oscar Shaw with Gertrude Lawrence in Oh Kay! 

Oscar Shaw, Gertrude Lawrence, Victor Moore in Oh Kay!  (1926).  Oscar Shaw later appeared as the wooden "romantic interest" in the Marx Brothers' first film, The Cocoanuts,  (1929), and Victor Moore was a frequent character actor, seen these days, especially around Christmas, in It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947).

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(Spoiler alert - she doesn't sound a bit like Julie Andrews)

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