Wednesday, June 03, 2020

3 June 2020 Observation on Protests

I have noticed a pained struggle to equate equivalencies between the recent CoVid and Police Brutality protests in many postings on social media. 

First of all, CoVid is still out there, despite the propaganda efforts of flat-earthish deniers and their bully pulpits.  The protesters against Safe-at-home orders by our governor, demonstrating their hand-held surrogate (and over-compensated) manhood and spewed threats, are fully entrenched in ignorance, amounting to a juvenile “I don’t wanna,” and “You can’t make me.”

For what is essentially the demand of getting hair care, or rather, demanding others be compelled to provide that service to them, they risk CoVid exposure - but more importantly, they put others at risk who have the misfortune to come within the fallout of their camo aroma. 

In Lansing, they did block ambulances, they did block healthcare workers, and they did give the impression that the IQ for residents of Michigan had dropped about 60 points.  Ultimately, they proved that they are ignorant, loutish cowards.  But, sadly, none were marched off to prison in a cramped cell, perhaps as a humanitarian effort to prevent them from spreading CoVid among themselves; which, while a useful way to thin the “herd” (as in that “herd immunity” which is working so well around the world), would just throw additional burden to our health care system.

The souls protesting the recent murder of George Floyd, and the underlying culture of brutality it revealed, are however, the true heroes, braving not only CoVid to have their voices heard, but also by risking further exposure to that same brutish culture.  They know CoVid is out there, they know their risks are real, and their peaceful assembly is testimony to their convictions.  They are out to change a rotted culture for the better of all, not to express their disappointment at some issue of personal pomade. 

Attempts to disrupt their unified voice by creating destruction and then ascribe blame upon the protesters is nothing new - it is a common tactic used by authoritarian states headed by goons and goblins with large hats, faux accolades, and an overwhelming need to equate willful ignorance with feckless loyalty.  The feckless can be reckless.  While those cretins are being tracked down, their actions are creating imagined justification for authoritarian push-back on everyone surrounding a protest, including journalists, or even area residents merely sitting on their porches.

If that sort of activity isn’t worthy of protest, I cannot imagine what would be.

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CDouble-ya said...

The fears of authoritarianism are real, and for individuals paying attention to historical events (and happenings in our own time in other parts of the world), the steps taken by the government are frightening. A friend commented to me something that really hit the nail on the head by saying, "We've been knocking on the door my entire life, so it is time to knock down the door." He is strongly urging people to vote, vote, vote to make change