Sunday, June 14, 2020

Blue Cross Says HOWDY

Well, this is interesting. 

Not sure if everyone with a Blue Cross account received this little care package, or if it is reserved for those over 65, but here, as we are theoretically at the end of the First CoVid Wave, is what came to the house this week: 
a mask, a set of disposable thermometers, hand sanitizer and lip balm, a bar of soap, a deck of cards, a whistle, a stress ball, a doomsday journal, a packet of Basil seeds, a piece of candy (it didn't last long enough for the picture), a sewing kit, a lens cloth for my bifocals, a pair of ventilated loosely-woven gloves, a nail clipper, a refrigerator magnet, a window sticker proclaiming social distancing, and the CREME de la CREME, the PIECE de Resistance, a roll of toilet paper.
Must be they had to wait three months for the toilet paper.

But - no copay!

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