Tuesday, April 20, 2021

From the Hermetic Sensora of John Gage - PANAMAMA


Panamama, you’re my girl

Panamama, I been around this world

You’re the only girl I see

Panamama, you got my heart

Had it thumpin’ n’ bumpin right from the start

You’re the only girl for me

 Lord help me Panamama

There’s nothing I can do

As much as I love my Panamama

To the sea I must be true

If you drown me, Panamama, 

My voice will ring from port to port

‘Neath the waves that hold my breath.

Panamama, my sea bound shanty

Panamama, my whirl’d spun world

You’re the sea that I can see.


My sea bound shanty town

(c) 2021 John Gage Compositions

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