Friday, April 30, 2021

Open Mike Night - Outline for a Lip Synch Project

 Open Mike Night - for eventual lip synch animation project

Onstage - Reading from a phone book...finger moves down page -


“Oh, it’s left to right... got it...







“Oh, I get it - it’s alphabetical.” 

(back to reading from phone book)

“Phone repair - phone repair... F,O, N...”

(hears someone in audience)


“P repair?”

“P ...  P ...  P”

(Hears someone else)


“OK, Yer .... Y....”

(gets corrected again)

“U?  You?  No?  Me? Me-ology?”

(Frustrated and confused now)

“But it’s my phone... see?”

(produces a Pop Tart from his back pocket)

“Wait,  this is a pop tart.”  

(business while he examines the floppy plasticized foil.)

“You know, I remember when you had a choice - frosted or unfrosted. We were poor.  Imagine, being too poor for frosted pop tars.  We’d get the unfrosted, and then just smear some library paste on our tongue.”


“Ah memories - kindergarten in retention, in the corner, with my jar of library paste, dreaming of peanut butter...”

(Audience input)

“What?  Oh, yeah, I was kicked in the head.  Wait a minute... I was kicked in the head by a horse, horses have hooves, hooves make library paste... I was having my revenge on horses in kindergarten.  Glad I worked that subconscious pressure out of my system early.”

(looks at his pop tart)

“And now I have a broken pop tart.”  (Plays with floppy plastic foil pack again)

(An idea! Back to phone book)

“Broken pop tarts... B ...B ... B ...” 


“You know, there’s only one thing to do with a broken pop tart...”  (eats half of it and hands out the other broken half to an audience member)

“Thank you and good night!  I have to go find my phone now.”

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