Thursday, March 31, 2022

1970 - Earliest Animation - "It's A Dog's World"

Summer 1970 - up at the crack of dawn to driver's ed, Sunday nights devoted to The Wonderful World of Color, a PBS animation showing an animated satire about picking a round table for the Vietnam negotiations in Paris that TOOK 500 DRAWINGS, so - well, that was a challenge.  It was certainly more relaxing than the prospect of making left turns against traffic on 28th Street in Grand Rapids (and that's still no picnic).

So after 2000 drawings, this happened.  My poor brother was enlisted into the adventure.  Even at just two minutes, the file seems too large for Blogger, so here's the vimeo link:

Our parents decided afterwards that we needed to "learn a trade." 

(c) 1970 Jim Middleton, boy without a driver's license

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