Sunday, March 20, 2022

Lost on a Keyboard - Dialogues for Yet Another Unproduction

"Forsooth, mine tooth, that enamel'd bone so balanced betwixt the popp'd corn, kerneled and besotted with buerre blanc, what further agonies can set mine gums into retreat at the prospect of another bite?

"But bite shall I, and so bitten be shall be said corn, ere it becomes plastered and lain waste utterly.
"Yon gastric gurgles portend to greater pomposity below, so shall I now withdraw to la salle de bain, the bane to banishment and be hoist by my own petard, plus tard, Plutarch, Pluto. 

"I bid thee bye, and bye a good buy to say hello. 

"My encyclopedia is naught but naughty, and barely alphabetical, all zed and no aleph."
                -- culled from the notebooks of Juan Willie Shak-Aspire, ca 1653 
And later, another culling upon a goading, goated, as it were, by an ascendant of the trade:
"Oh, youthful, namesaked Nan, taunt me not, 'ere the zephyrs of the west anoint an appointed blast of bluster, a filed fill of fulsome flotsam, upon our gaze, amaz'd and dazed amid pumped circumstance.  
"Who would bared be borne and bounced as chided child on knobby knee? A touch, a clutch upon harried hart, whose heart is steeped, ill, and chased by shadows great and grating, unfair fares, and snatched souls ensconced in burlap, bagged for drag in the Stygian Styx, stuck and woven as knitted night descends and deems its shadows stay.
"Sooth to soothe, signs to sigh, screams to dreams. Soft you, now. I rest."
 (c) 2022 Jim Middleton

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