Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Post 462 - Russian Animators Against Putin's War in Ukraine - Three Compilations to 1 March 2022

Over 100 Russian animators have been creating short anti-war animations, reflecting their dismay at the lunacy of Putin.

Here are three compilations, with more being promised.   Youtube links are at the bottom of this posting.

From the Prague Project:
"We believe peaceful methods are the only answer in resolving any conflicts between countries. Everything that is happening right now in Ukraine is a horrible tragedy. There is no way to justify this terror the war has brought to peaceful Ukrainian people on our behalf. We urge to stop all the military
action against Ukraine immediately! We demand Peace! We demand respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine! We demand respect for human life in every country of the world!"
"We will continue publishing new compilations!"

You can find these 3 compilations (so far) at youtube:

(Note from yr hmbl typst - I have reposted mp4 versions onto my blog in case "something happens" to the youtube postings above.) 


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