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ASIFA Central Notes - 22 February 2020

So IAD is coming in October, we have up to 15 international participants, a deadline of 1 June 2020, and what are the rambling notes to that effect?

Wooden Denture Day 2020 - Saturday group chat Google land, beginning at 3pm and running to about 3:45pm.  22 February 2020

Present: Jim and Brad, Deanna and Gretchen, Mike Long, Josh, Christine Veras, Steve Leeper in between storyboard discussions,
Think in terms of the Swiss IAD project, a 50 minute epic with various styles and stories linked by a common thread.

Great Recreation of an animation that was lost
In the past the through line was the poster…
Maybe a line connects us
To this day, a spoken word piece, poetry jam the Mi

To this day Shane Koyzan

Think of a project that represents the region, but can be expanded to represent the interests of ASIFA internationally.

Food, music. Art - what is regional to us in the midwest? Tater tot hot dish?
Well, that brings up - Memories of food
While 2 minutes is short, it is also 4 tv commercials - the 2 minute limit is a strict limit, so if 120 seconds for ASIFA Central is the limit, and there are a dozen participants, that means each one will only get a 10 second spot to get the thought across.

Think of a Pot Luck - Pick Your Poison - MOVEABLE FEAST

A List of Notions
Theme and structure - In the past, we have used the poster, and this time we can go of on our own with the interconnection.  (We don’t have access to the poster as yet)
We create a through-line (Steve L) - maybe it’s a literal line... Steve thinks of a film To This Day, Shane Koyzan (above)  - spoken word artist, poetry jam - but the through line is provided by the spoken piece.  Covers the gamut - it doesn’t matter, as long as the artist sticks to the soundtrack.
What’s it like to live in the midwest? (We’ll include Texas/Brazil in this - we are an extended family, this ASIFA central)
Potholes -  Corn Cars and Cows...
The questions asked and we see the animated response.
At the end, the spoken and read words - a la Norman McLaren and the end of “Neighbors”
Recipes from the home land
Tater tot hot dish.... the food and how it’s made
Break it down into sequences - if we can get 12 sequences into the 2 minutes - 10 seconds each
Is there a common recipe?  Corn?

Is a shared canvas a possibility - food to a dinner – and each one creates

With the ending being a long buffet of the individual sequences - can we run with a theme of a particular food?

5pm on March 7th - bring the ideas to THE TABLE!!!!  Remember - It’s a hard two minute limit.

Distinctive, yet universal - so the local and the international ideas are satisfied!!!!

Steve: there is a poem by Christine Rosetti - what can I bring?
There is a wonderful spirit to that - at the end, we are serving up the film

Get links to applicable animation and poetry and add to the document -

Check out ASMR Korean animations
(an FYI for the benefit of your humble typist)  ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) - noun - a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.
"ASMR is triggered by things like whispering voices, paper tearing, and scalp massage"

(Check out Brad’s link to Swiss 50 minute piece) - (he has sent the link in an earlier email)

Again, back to food, 10 seconds each, straight visuals…?
Coney dogs, Moveable feast, shared feast, potluck

Corgi Christmas Feast (ASMR)

Brazilian Animation, recreation of “O Kaiser”

Georges Schwizgebel sequence at 50:50 video starts at 25min.
PW: H****
(Shared by Brad on the email)

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