Sunday, February 02, 2020

More Public Domain 78rpm Recording Links on

All the links take you to, all are from the Animating Apothecary archive, built using Audacity as it fights with Windows 10.  All have a (cc) and share-alike status, and all are in the public domain. 

The acoustic nature of the selections is a limitation, but if you need background music for workprints or as a guide, help yourself!  More links will be built as they become available.  Also, check some earlier postings on this blog for other selections.  Even after a recent downsizing, there remain about 3000 78rpms and over 600 cylinders to remaster (drat the limitations of audio tape!). 

Many of these selections should sound very familiar...

Norwegian Dance #2 - Columbia release from 1924

A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture - HMV acoustic recording from 1911

St. Patrick's Day, performed by Maud Powell for Victor, ca 1904-06, acoustic

Coppelia Ballet #2 by Delibes, performed by the Cincinnati Symphony, 1917

Danse des Buffons, the Cincinnati Symphony, an acoustic 78rpm ca 1917

Madame Butterfly - orchestrated selections - acoustic recording from1917

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