Monday, February 17, 2020

Hey, I'm trying to sleep here!

     Well, the latest reverie was me being inserted into an intervention led by Nick Nolte and a Keanu Reeves-ish counselor for a suicidal Gary Busey.
     Nolte tells Busey, "Hey, you've got all your fans to think about - they loved you in...." and he turns to me and says, "Quick! A Gary Busey movie!" and nobody can think of one, including Busey...
     Nolte gets Busey's gun, we all run out into the night and end up over a bridge where Nolte accidentally shoots the gun into the dark, and says, "Oh that's harmless," and immediately there are sirens, an upended vat of red paint is mistaken for blood, and a crowd of people run out into the street and onto the bridge.
     Then, a block away, a deserted building explodes, and we surround Nolte, still holding the gun, afraid to toss it because of all the witnesses, and unwilling to hide it in his pants because the barrel is still hot from the firing.
     Then someone yells "CUT!," and Sparrow demands to be let out.  
     So much for retirement.

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